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Dream Assembly second cohort

24 May 2019
Dream Assembly is a fashion and retail tech accelerator that offers the world's most promising startups a program of education, mentorship, networking opportunities, early-stage funding, and access to investors.
Our second program is focused on sustainability. The cohort consists of 8 early stage, for-profit startups, aiming to grow and be commercially successful while helping make fashion a "force for good". They include businesses working in the donation, resale and rental spaces, as well as manufacturing.
Burberry and Stella McCartney are our industry partners in this program.
The program started in Lisbon in April and it will culminate in a Demo Day in London on the 11th of June, where the companies will have the chance to pitch their projects to a selected pool of external investors for follow-on funding.
Meet our 8 startups:
Thrift+ (UK, 2017)
Thrift+ makes it easy for retailers, brands and individuals to donate clothing, shoes & accessories to their favourite charity. Thrift+ does all the work of processing, photographing and uploading the items to their online store. Sales help raise valuable funds for charity while preventing the unnecessary destruction of imperfect stock and disposal of second-hand clothes to landfill.
Save Your Wardrobe (UK, 2017)
Save Your Wardrobe is a digital wardrobe management app. The app is designed to help users organize and plan their wardrobe better. Save Your Wardrobe digitizes people's wardrobe using Artificial Intelligence to help them up-cycle the life of their clothes through outfit recommendations and services suggestions. The app’s main technology features include email scanning, image recognition and a recommendation engine. Save Your Wardrobe is able to digitize wardrobes through both online purchases; collecting receipts through upload or by scanning email confirmations, and in-store purchases; user takes a photo and the computer recognition tool will tag colour, material, brand and style in-app.
To the Market (USA, 2016)
To the Market is the turnkey solution for ethical manufacturing and sourcing of apparel, accessories and home goods. Through our syndicated network of suppliers, we work with Fortune 500s, brands and retailers to provide story-rich products that appeal to the next generation of consumers with transparency, sustainability and authenticity. We enable the supply chain of the future, in which retail manufacturing empowers people, protects the planet, and delivers quality products that result in a better bottom line.
Panoply City (France, 2016)
Panoply is the premier European online fashion rental service, offering the latest collections of 40 designers such as Stella McCartney, Red Valentino or Victoria Beckham to pick from for any special occasion or a simple day at the office!
Panoply City out on a mission to offer an affordable and sustainable solution for women to enjoy designer fashion, renew their wardrobe at will, wear the strongest styles they dare not buy. Through rental, they aim to reduce the clothes hanging unworn in women's wardrobes and redirect their consumption from fast fashion to designer and sustainable brands.
Material World (USA, 2012)
Material World is a monthly subscription service where stylists curate 5 pre-owned designer items for customers to try on and fall in love within their own home, and customers can trade in items they are ready to part with for cash up front, instead of sending them to landfills. The mission from day one has been to create a circular shopping experience that helps preserve the planet by allowing more people to enjoy the craftsmanship of designer fashion. Our circular service encourages customers not only to shop quality at accessible price points but also take care of quality items so they can be circulated to the next owner to reclaim value and pass on the craftsmanship.
Good on You (Australia, 2015)
Good On You is the world’s leading source for trusted ethical brand ratings. It uses the power of consumers’ choices to create a sustainable future in fashion. Over 300,000 shoppers use Good On You to access 2,000+ brand ratings and make better choices. Good On You works with brands and retailers to promote their ethical products, source more sustainably and reach the growing conscious consumer market.
Sozie (UK, 2017)
Returns are the Achilles heel of online fashion - 40% of sales are sent back. The financial and environmental costs are unsustainable. Yet the average shopper can hardly be blamed as they look nothing like the size 4 model they are shown. Sozies are diverse users of our mobile app who solve this problem by trying on clothes and taking pictures. We capture their body measurements and product size worn and apply quality control measures to respect brand guidelines to deliver Sozie content that integrates directly onto retailer websites. Sozie content includes a real person modelling the item, their body measurements, size worn and fitting tips. This helps online shoppers tremendously as our client retailers report 173% increase in engagement, 4x increase in sales conversion, and returns reductions.
EON Group (USA, 2017)
EON is the leading Digital Identity company for fashion, apparel and retail. By creating a unique Digital Identity for every product, brands and retailers connect products to the Internet of Things and unlock end-to-end business intelligence - connecting the entire value chain with data and knowledge.  With embedded Digital Identity (ie: washable RFID thread), brands can power visibility and transparency across the value chain and circular economy business models, including reuse, rental, resale and recycling.
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