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Dream Assembly promotes a Sustainability and Innovation event in Paris

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. While luxury players are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious, many are adopting more innovative business models and start collaborating with startups, that help to implement sustainable business strategies.


To discuss the present and the future of sustainability in luxury fashion and how luxury players innovate in that area, Dream Assembly promotes the Sustainability and Innovation in Luxury Fashion event in Paris.


This event is for tech entrepreneurs, who help make fashion a ‘force for good’, such as:

- Enabling transport/logistics environmental efficiencies and/or packaging impact improvements.

- Driving transparency, trust and standards in the fashion industry;

- Reducing waste or extending the life of clothes (e.g. made-to-order, repair, resale, rental, donation or recycling); and/or

- any tech-based companies that can make fashion and retail a ‘force for good’.



So, if you are a tech-based company that can also drive environmental and/or social improvement in fashion and retail, join us at Stationin Paris on 27/02 (4pm-6pm) to discuss sustainability and innovation in Luxury Fashion world.



4.00pm Arrival

4.30pm Presentation

5.00pm Q&A

6.00pm End of the event



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