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Dream Assembly 2 is on! Reflections on the first Dream Assembly cohort

25 Feb 2019

Dream Assembly 2 is on and Bárbara Martins, our Communications & Community Manager, wrote about some of her reflections on the first Dream Assembly cohort and how Dream Assembly is a way for Farfetch to support the best entrepreneurs through our open doors and mentorship.


Does it get your interest? Are you thinking about getting involved in the next Dream Assembly program? Then this article is a must-read!



Let’s start with this: the first Dream Assembly cohort was a wonderful experience for everyone and it exceeded expectations! We found high-quality technology, brilliant revolutionary people, team spirit. We’ve shared knowledge and experiences and our huge passion for fashion and technology. But most of all, we saw how Dream Assembly is in practice our way of giving back, through our open doors and our mentorship, supporting the best entrepreneurs, to build the next generation of retail technology in the fashion world!


When Dream Assembly was launched, in April 2018, our goal was very clear and contributing to the ecosystem was a fundamental driver for us. Supporting the startups who share the love for fashion with us, and that have the same entrepreneurial spirit that got us here (even a decade in) were the foundations for the first cohort.  


And now that the applications for a new one are already live, we keep the same overall objective. We want to connect with startups that are building a unique solution for the fashion and retail tech space, teams solving real problems and creating meaningful innovations that are looking for the future of the retail industry.



An intense, but also fun and exciting program where startups had access to mentorship and network of investors and the wider fashion tech community, learned about a wide range of topics, such as luxury, design, pricing, sales, e-commerce, agile, legal, marketing, communication, growth, product, and many more. There has been time for networking with experts from outside Farfetch - mentors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders - and potential world-class unforgettable experiences, plenty of team dinners, a trip to Porto Wineries and a boat trip in Lisbon, that made the program even more special.


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