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In addition to the 7-week program, Dream Assembly hosts a 1-day Bootcamp that takes place twice a year.


The Bootcamp is a comprehensive day filled with thought-leadership sessions where startups have the opportunity to learn from Farfetch leadership teams and special guests, who share their knowledge and expertise in the fashion and retail space. The Bootcamp day is followed by a networking moment between founders, speakers and invited guests from the startup ecosystem.


The Bootcamps are hosted in startup hub cities across the globe and include participation from local partners.

The first Bootcamp was launched in Lisbon in November 2019 and the second was hosted in New York in February 2020. To date, the Dream Assembly Bootcamp consists of over 40 Alumni.

How can I participate in the Bootcamp?


Applications for Dream Assembly Bootcamps are made through Eventbrite and announced on the Dream Assembly website and Social Media channels.

The number of startups attending the Bootcamp is limited. The Dream Assembly and partner teams are responsible for selecting the participating startups.


Selection Criteria: Companies must be tech-based/enabled and have at least a minimum viable product or a prototype and some traction (whether revenue or adoption) to be eligible to apply for the Bootcamp.