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How it works

The Dream Assembly program will be based out of Farfetch’s offices in Lisbon and will include a series of workshops, one-to-one sessions with senior leaders within Farfetch and mentorship meetings.

Twice a year, applications will be open for up to 10 startups to join the 12-week Dream Assembly program. Participating startups will move to Lisbon with some weeks in London and San Francisco, during which they’ll take part in a structured course of workshops, inspirational talks, mentor meetings and external networking opportunities.

What’s in it for you
We can’t wait to work with some incredible startups and help you in the early stages as you build your companies for the future.
You’ll get:

Mentorship from Farfetch Senior Leaders and internal teams.
Mentorship from Farfetch Senior Leaders and internal teams.

You will participate in workshops where you will have access to our expertise as a technology platform for the luxury fashion industry – from branding to operations and more.

Marketing Hell week
Marketing Hell week

A one week growth bootcamp with 500 Startups' seed program companies in San Francisco.


During the program, you will have the chance to meet and connect with relevant contacts and industry leaders.

Access to early-stage funding
Access to early-stage funding

As part of Dream Assembly, startups will receive €30,000 in funding from Farfetch.

Demo Day
Demo Day

Each cycle ends with two Demo Days (Lisbon and London), where you can pitch your business to a selected pool of external investors for follow-on funding. During the program, we will help you with your pitch and give you tips on working with investors.

So, if you are a startup who has the ambition to shape the future of commerce, apply now.

Farfetch is a platform that serves the boutiques, brands and consumers that make up the luxury fashion ecosystem. If your startup has the ambition to enhance that ecosystem – whether it be through a new business model, a technology or a process that ensures the experience is seamless, let us know. We are looking for:

Technology that enhances 
the e-commerce experience
, from image processing and deep learning algorithms, to personalization and recommendations.

Seamless Retail solutions to deliver an exceptional omni-channel experience, from sensors, location analytics, proximity to marketing and AR / VR.
New commerce opportunities
and disruptive business models, like niche marketplaces, secondary market (pre-owned luxury, rentals), try-before-you-buy or direct-to-consumer brands.
Technology that optimizes business processes, including blockchain, improved delivery or customer services.
Lisbon. The city with a wide glittering river, palaces and a castle, seven hills and undeniable appeal.