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Case Studies

What Alumni startups say about our Program

Do you believe that Dream Assembly had a positive impact in your company post-program?  4.9/5

Key Areas of Impact 

  • Brand partner introductions
  • Investor readiness and network
  • Cohort network
  • Mentorship insights

Average of 3 Investment contacts per startup
Average of 2 Brand contacts per startup

Intakes reported by Alumni startups

  • Ongoing negotiation with key investors from Demo Day
  • Investment from European investors 
  • Partnership with one luxury brand
  • New customer leads/pipeline 
  • Speaking opportunities 
  • Potential partnership discussions between Alumni 
  • Team growth
  • Understanding of key metrics 
  • Investor introductions from cohort peers

Our Startup Community
Dream Assembly community - We are building a community of talented startups from all over the world who are focused on innovation in the fashion and retail tech industries. Past alumni include:

We started the cohort as a company of 10 and have now grown to 30.
Emily John, Co-Founder of The Restory